Inner Winds

by Pool

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recorded september 2015-december 2015


released December 22, 2015

nick kostreba
brett mercer
justin brown
james spray
sean taormina
lauren titus
chris avgoustis

album artwork by: David Delruelle



all rights reserved


Pool Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: help me out
and it would help me out
if you could turn away
i think i could hurt myself
and i dont need you listening

help me out
if you could go away
everythings to close to see
and i could use some distancing

help me out
if you could throw away
all the things you thought i was
identity is dwindling
Track Name: i know you know that i know
no i dont need to know your name
where youre from, your life your pain
i just want to lie here with you
far away from fears that eat you

no hesitance
no powergame
no need for us to be ashamed
because sometimes its just ok
to intertwine like night and day

senseless to the rest of the world around you

you feel like i do

but you dont have to say so
i know you know that i know
Track Name: all men, like birds, must die
tell me
if you ever see yourself
if you ever see yourself
Track Name: perfect blue
new forms of getting under my skin
i think that its working
and you dont seem to mind at all

ah ha
stood you up
feels quite good
cuz im so sick

ah ha
drove back home
youre alone
and im electric
Track Name: lava flow
crash chasm
it starts opening
underneath being twist like a hurricane
for sure im spewing with lava flows

the wave sweeps with
a natural disaster

i keep promises
but not a clear as you
dont even know
dont be here now
its just a trap and they lie when they tell you that
Track Name: find the ocean
how is it once again
youre stuck in the same place
a cornucopia of nothingness
you wish you could escape
but youre too damn afraid
to wander that way

afraid of all youll leave behind the shadow of your wake

you forgot to keep a journal
you forgot to pack your socks
you forgot to bring a compass
you forgot that you forgot

forget the mirage, find the ocean

find the ocean
Track Name: fountain of youth
livin on a knife's edge
drinkin from a fountain of youth
running round for something
hoping to be born again
but life aint always good news

i guess were searchin for a feeling that we just couldnt keep
sick of running around
the right words never get found

nothing that we say will ever as deep
my feet are stuck to the ground
theres no need for sound

some things they dont need names
some things
they dont need words
they dont need names
Track Name: spiral staircase
spiral staircase
make your case
make it sting

face down i lay
you dont say anything
but you think,

"why dont we pray
for a day you can sing about
how far you have come
how you love everyone
but you dont."
Track Name: coral shields
his ghost fell out his body
and laid down on your lap
unloved with a coral shield
and a plastic army hat

and we sang, "oh, oh, oh, there's nothing you can do."
Track Name: flowers shower
the earth swayed like a woman
who was drunk on wine

and flowers showered from the sky
Track Name: sleep/dream
i think
i need to get some sleep
i need to have a dream
i need to feel its all the same
i stop
before the bellyflop
before the sadness stops
before i feel its all a dream
Track Name: god wine
when our time goes on
like a ticking bomb
i know that theres a chance
that we'll destory
everything we made

diluted senses
thats our perception
just a part of our deprivation
all we feels a muted sensation
if i could only be real patient

dont be afraid
of the tide that i bring
of the pain that we sing
we know our souls are frayed
Track Name: turning into someone else
hold me as you see yourself
turning into someone else
hold me as you sing yourself to sleep

hold me as you see yourself
turning into something else
hold me as you sing yourself away